Stifle Rehabilitation Plan

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A  stifle rehabilitation plan that is written to cater for a range of stifle issues, ranging from  stifle surgery recovery (with veterinary approval), to general strengthening of the stifle area.  It includes both stretching and strengthening exercises set out in a structured way with check points along the way.  It is designed for the owner to begin at the point that the horse is already comfortable and work toward the end of the program.


2 reviews for Stifle Rehabilitation Plan

  1. Lesley Tillman

    I have enjoyed the YouTube

    • Tracy Whiter

      Thank you Lesley 🙂

  2. Nadia Falovic

    I found your videos very informative. My horse has stifles problems so I look forward to reading your exercise program.

    • Tracy Whiter

      thank you!

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