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Product Information

OptiMax is a happy hormone releasing amino acid designed to make your horse grow in confidence. OptiMax is best used in stressful environments i.e. at competitions.

Active Ingredient:




Please use the scoop enclosed. Every horse is different and therefore, levels of OptiMax needed may vary. Start by feeding one measure. Double the amount fed if there is no effective or lower the amount fed if effect is too strong until a balance is found. Best results should be seen on the 3rd day of feeding OptiMax.

OptiMax is best used strategically and ideally at least 2 days before an event to ensure enough is in their system. You will also need to feed OptiMax on the day of the event just to give them a boost. OptiMax can be mixed into a paste and syringed or simply added to dampened feed.

***PLEASE NOTE:  Photo of product is a 2kg bag, price given is for 240g product package.


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