Do a quick google search on macro diets, and it will bring up a multitude of responses as the new trending way for people to manage what they eat. Why is it so popular?  Well, it’s simple, easy and back to basics.  Looking at managing the macronutrients in our diet – balancing proteins, fats and carbs has been shown to have some great health benefits and many people are jumping on board.

So, what about our horse Macros?  Have you thought about them?

Sometimes the simplest approach is the best when feeding your horse.  If you have found yourself jumping to the thought process of ‘what can I add to my horses’ diet’ rather than ‘what is my horse currently getting from his diet’, then it may be time for reflection?  Are you placing more emphasis on micronutrients than you are putting effort into making your horse macronutrients balance?


Worth thinking about?

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