Optimising Performance

through holistic health and therapy

Cazedarnes Equestrian enables owners to improve the health and performance of their horse, through looking at the horse in its entirety. We specialise in partnering with you to create the best athlete and partner your horse can be.

What We Do.

Improved health through better understanding

At Cazedarnes Equestrian we specialise in providing you with the information you need to improve the health of your horse through better understanding of general horse management, biomechanics and anatomy through strong and correct muscles, physiology, nutrition and how all of these things together affect both horse health and behaviour. This is the holistic approach.

"I have been using Cazedarnes Equestrian services since 2015, and I have not looked back since. Tracy is a wealth of knowledge and experience with a great eye for issues and a problem solving attitude.  Tommy used to be very tight through his whole body, unfocused and inattentive. With regular body working sessions, a change of diet and the introduction of Equifeast products, Tommy has gone from EVA95 and prelim dressage to a qualified 1 star eventing horse and training Elementary/Medium movements."

Chloe Hittmann

"I have been producing show horses at a Royal and National level for over 30 years and it wasn’t until I was referred to Tracy that my all my horses started to blossom.  Tracy has always been so willing to offer her help and expertise and answer my questions at a moment’s notice. Thanks to Tracy our feeding program is now so much simpler, cheaper and less processed and the horses are loving it. I cannot thank her enough."

Paul Dopper (The Dark Horse & Linfield Show Horses)


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